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I guess I just stopped blogging and from time to time I do still visit the blogs of those bloggers that I was interested in since back then. And yeah the number of post has decreased for most of time.

Well I guess nowadays, with all the other social networking sites, idk if blogging is actually going to be ... obsolete? I mean look at snapchat, its probably going to be out soon in Singapore. Most of the people that I know are moving on to insta-story instead.

Anws, whats with me randomly coming back to blog again?

From time to time I just feel like deleting my social networking accounts - like ya know go through an online purge or detox session or something. But I don't ... delete my blogs? All my posts are really precious to me. Even if it's stupid/embarrassing/nonsensical.

I think I will blog more frequent because at least of the people in my life now, knows nothing about this blog and even if some of them they do, since I do not blog as often as before - they probably forgot all about it.

So hi, I am back to this space of mine where I can dump all my rants, unhappiness, anger, frustrated - basically all my negative feelings, and also to record all those happy time too.

Welcome back to blogging xoxo.

Monday, July 3, 2017 at 9:38 PM with
Hi everyone :)

okay firstly I give up saying that I will try my best to keep this space alive. HAHA always saying that but not doing that.

Anyways my summer studies havestarted since last Wednesday and so far I have been enjoying it!
The profs are "really" good (I swear). Like if they are my prof in school I would probably participate more actively. But then again maybe it's just the "Singaporean" culture in NTU - whereby everyone just pretty much keep quiet.

Well I have taken quite a number of photos and yeah have uploaded them all on my facebook and Instagram. Will be posting them here too.

Okay shall relax a bit before video calling my dad to wish him happy birthday (xoxo), ciaos~

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Done uploading some of the necessary files needed before I fly lol. It's still pretty early but it would be better to just get them out of the way. Sometimes I wish that more precise instructions are given for filling important forms. Like it makes me a little paranoid when they say you can only upload it once  and I just can't stop checking to see if I have made any mistakes. Argh have to get over that lol.

Well so the dormitories for females are like ... full lol. Cause it was on first-come-first-serve basis, and we have not paid for the tuition and lodging so obviously I did not manage to secure a slot in the for a double room. I received the email like 2 weeks back or something and I was like fmlllllll. ):

But then again I was kinda happy cause I guess I would rather stay outside (but near) school. Decided to give guesthouses a try since most of my seniors recommended that and like the prices are about there? I opt for a single room at a guesthouse but the school left with a triple room. AND the triple rooms are from the male dorms but due to the demand they converted it into female dorm for this period. I opt for comfort lol. Although had to paid a few hundred extras but I get my own space and I do not have to worry about the possibilities of not getting along with my roommate. But then again I am a little worried about staying alone (it's my first time). Oh well like the boyf said - weigh the pros and cons.

Now all I am left is paying the tuition fees and fak stop procrastinating about foc stuff. Ok done, wanted to pamper my skin before I sleep but I am too tired to do so now lol. Goodnight & ciaos~

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Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 12:58 PM with
So last year during this period I was working part-time at Kikki.K. Was a part-timer working like a full-timer haha. Well this year during this 3 month break, I will be in Korea for a month (21st June - 22nd July 2017). I applied and got into Korea University for my summer studies. Shall go there to clear all my remaining electives and a ger-core module.

Uhm ... most of my friends applied and are going to Hanyang (fees are cheaper). Hanyang is really a popular choice like about 600+ students applied or the 400 slots. When I look through the list of people going to KoreaU, I really don't know anyone who is going LOL and I hope I can brush up my Korean by then so that I will be able to take Korean Level 3 over there :/

Kinda excited but one month hmmm .... well it will be my first time going overseas for a month "alone". Hopefully the boyf can come and find me for a few days while I am there haha.

Everything is prepping well, just have to pay for my school fees and fly there. Will update more about it. Ciaos

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 12:10 AM with
Let's continue about my school life LOL.

Y2S1 tbh, is legit more relaxed than Y2S2. Most of the modules I took don't really have group projects and just individual assignments (except OODP). I took 4 cores (one of them is discrete math lol), 2 electives and 1 online module.

I SU Mind Over Stress in the end. I did pretty well in the 40% quiz but 33/40 was like the mean of the entire cohort. I felt damn sian cause i felt like i would still at least get a B even if bell curve was high? I really studied hard this entire sem for everything even my electives. So, my grades went up :)

On the day when results were out, i was actually in the middle of my Hong Kong trip (will blog about it in another post, photos are still in my phone haha). I was shitting in the toilet (LOL) and then i decided to brave myself and check my results hahaha was legit happy about it.

That semester, I really did most of the PYP, revised and practiced a lot. Really felt that all the effort put in was worth it. But still I was expecting some grades to be a little higher but hey, 3.90 is decent compared to previous two sem (halp). So overall, my CGPA was 3.20. Pulled it up by quite a lot and decided to apply for summer studies this year which i got it (blog about this also in another post later haha).

Well, i really hope that this sem will turn out fine soon ): tried to did my best but i panicked and didn't manage to finish 2 of my papers, really felt disappointed when i left the exam hall. Sigh. This sem was really a mess and just perpetually busy despite only being involve in one hall activity.

Shall blog about my Y2S2 when results are out .... two days after my birthday :/ Hopefully i will still have some leftover birthday luck on that day.

Till the next post, ciaos~

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