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Done uploading some of the necessary files needed before I fly lol. It's still pretty early but it would be better to just get them out of the way. Sometimes I wish that more precise instructions are given for filling important forms. Like it makes me a little paranoid when they say you can only upload it once  and I just can't stop checking to see if I have made any mistakes. Argh have to get over that lol.

Well so the dormitories for females are like ... full lol. Cause it was on first-come-first-serve basis, and we have not paid for the tuition and lodging so obviously I did not manage to secure a slot in the for a double room. I received the email like 2 weeks back or something and I was like fmlllllll. ):

But then again I was kinda happy cause I guess I would rather stay outside (but near) school. Decided to give guesthouses a try since most of my seniors recommended that and like the prices are about there? I opt for a single room at a guesthouse but the school left with a triple room. AND the triple rooms are from the male dorms but due to the demand they converted it into female dorm for this period. I opt for comfort lol. Although had to paid a few hundred extras but I get my own space and I do not have to worry about the possibilities of not getting along with my roommate. But then again I am a little worried about staying alone (it's my first time). Oh well like the boyf said - weigh the pros and cons.

Now all I am left is paying the tuition fees and fak stop procrastinating about foc stuff. Ok done, wanted to pamper my skin before I sleep but I am too tired to do so now lol. Goodnight & ciaos~

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So last year during this period I was working part-time at Kikki.K. Was a part-timer working like a full-timer haha. Well this year during this 3 month break, I will be in Korea for a month (21st June - 22nd July 2017). I applied and got into Korea University for my summer studies. Shall go there to clear all my remaining electives and a ger-core module.

Uhm ... most of my friends applied and are going to Hanyang (fees are cheaper). Hanyang is really a popular choice like about 600+ students applied or the 400 slots. When I look through the list of people going to KoreaU, I really don't know anyone who is going LOL and I hope I can brush up my Korean by then so that I will be able to take Korean Level 3 over there :/

Kinda excited but one month hmmm .... well it will be my first time going overseas for a month "alone". Hopefully the boyf can come and find me for a few days while I am there haha.

Everything is prepping well, just have to pay for my school fees and fly there. Will update more about it. Ciaos

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Let's continue about my school life LOL.

Y2S1 tbh, is legit more relaxed than Y2S2. Most of the modules I took don't really have group projects and just individual assignments (except OODP). I took 4 cores (one of them is discrete math lol), 2 electives and 1 online module.

I SU Mind Over Stress in the end. I did pretty well in the 40% quiz but 33/40 was like the mean of the entire cohort. I felt damn sian cause i felt like i would still at least get a B even if bell curve was high? I really studied hard this entire sem for everything even my electives. So, my grades went up :)

On the day when results were out, i was actually in the middle of my Hong Kong trip (will blog about it in another post, photos are still in my phone haha). I was shitting in the toilet (LOL) and then i decided to brave myself and check my results hahaha was legit happy about it.

That semester, I really did most of the PYP, revised and practiced a lot. Really felt that all the effort put in was worth it. But still I was expecting some grades to be a little higher but hey, 3.90 is decent compared to previous two sem (halp). So overall, my CGPA was 3.20. Pulled it up by quite a lot and decided to apply for summer studies this year which i got it (blog about this also in another post later haha).

Well, i really hope that this sem will turn out fine soon ): tried to did my best but i panicked and didn't manage to finish 2 of my papers, really felt disappointed when i left the exam hall. Sigh. This sem was really a mess and just perpetually busy despite only being involve in one hall activity.

Shall blog about my Y2S2 when results are out .... two days after my birthday :/ Hopefully i will still have some leftover birthday luck on that day.

Till the next post, ciaos~

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Saturday, May 13, 2017 at 5:26 PM with
Random update.

I am currently still working as a part-time receptionist.
The pay is really good and I don't really need to commit much there plus they have their own term breaks which makes it easy for me to schedule things in advance too.

Well last year I want to hong kong and I will do up a blogspot about it. This year, in june I will be going to Korea for a month for summer studies and maybe at the end of the year, I will be going overseas with Qijie and Kiaheng.

Before that I will need to send my laptop for repair by end of may latest omg. As I need to bring it to Korea. So I'll have to spend some days next week backing up everything (love my dropbox love my hard disk, makes my life so much easier). Some of the keys and the mousepad is spoilt lol.

Okay that's all ciaos~
P.s. have been watching a lot of Korean variety shows, cant seem to find a good jdrama to watch :/

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So I never actually blogged about my grades in school since university started. Well, nothing much to brag anyways LOL.

I entered NTU in August 2015 after accepting their double degree offer in Computing & Business. To be honest, I actually just wanted to take a single degree but my mum was like why not?

Well I wasn't really in the mood of studying when I was in year 1 (especially in sem1). Like I need time to adjust to the new system because it's similar to poly but I was from JC. Also I have never taken any computing course before entering university. I was more of in the mood to meet more people and I had lots of fun in hall haha. Joined a lot of activities and I regret none.

But after seeing my Y1S1 results I was like 'uhhh okay time to study'. Y1S2 I dropped my business degree (yes, after 1 semester HAHA). I only took 2 business modules - Financial Accounting  and  Business Law. I enjoyed business law to be honest cause it's really interesting and like I felt like I learnt a lot more compared to financial accounting LOL (maybe it's because I paid more attention to it). But anws, I got C+ for both of it. Other than python I got B/B+ for the rest. Now that I think about it I think D for python is really ... fml like seriously xitong *rolls eyes*.

After I decided to drop my business degree, I was given the option to not include the two C+ inside my GPA. So instead of a less than 3.0 GPA I just forgo the 8AUs and got a GPA of 3.04. But then come Y1S2, I am damn bad at my computer science hardware modules and also MC a module (Discrete Mathematics) because I felt that I could score if I retake it again (which I did later in Y2S1).

I was really disappointed in my Y1S2 results because I did put in more effort in studying (well computing improved so I was happy) and like most of my activities ended before exams. So I was legit damn sian.

Worried about it a lot but I know that once I had my fun I will study. So since I spent most of my year 1 doing whatever I want and not really studying (LOL) I did studied even harder in year 2, which I will blog about it in the next post :)

That's all for now.

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